Yes In My Backyard, Special Halloween Edition: Download Tim Fite’s “Raw”


Yes In My Backyard is a semiweekly column showcasing MP3s from new and emerging local talent.

Brooklyn folk-punk crypto-rap oddball Tim Fite is unleashing the third installment of his free Halloween EP trilogy, Watch Your Mouth, on October 31. And just like with his last two Halloween EPs (2007’s It’s Only Ketchup and 2008’s Ding-Dong DITCH!!!), this treat comes with an added trick: It’s only going to be available for 24 hours on He won’t even let us hear the damn thing until the night of haunting is upon us–but has thankfully provided us with one little piece of candy corn stuck to the bottom of last year’s bag in the form of a rare, non-Halloween download version of last year’s country-funk gem “Raw.”

Fite will be performing “Raw”–and all the songs from his Halloween Trilogy–as part of his special Halloween night performance at Brooklyn’s Union Hall. He also promises “pumpkins to carve, pinatas to smash, apples to bob for–possibly in beer), a costume exchange booth for switching costumes with a friend, and a myriad of other spooky treats.” Getting information out of the hopelessly quirky singer can be like trying to have a conversation with a fun house mirror, but he does tell Sound Of The City these somewhat reliable facts about the upcoming EP: “It is loosely based on the journal entries of the notorious candy poisoner Sheila ‘Cellophane’ Lindermier. If ever there was a musical representation of shameless depravity, this EP is it.”

Tim Fite on the upcoming Watch Your Mouth EP

How will Watch Your Mouth be different than the last two EPs?

“Watch Your Mouth” differs from its predecessors in three ways: One, it has been dubiously poisoned. Two, only 93 adults and 34 children had to cry in order for it to live. Three, it is the end as opposed to the beginning or the middle of the trilogy.

Your Halloween EPs are on the internet for 24 hours and you promptly yank them. Are fans ever upset over the lack of re-ups?

Of the twelve suicides on the books for 2008 in Marsdip County, Kentucky, three were people who missed out on my Halloween EPs. I feel terrible about this, and hope this year that no one takes the limited availability of these recordings so seriously. I know my “one day only” policy is pretty hardcore, but Halloween is pretty hardcore… So I gotta keep this shit hardcore.

Are you going to wear a costume for your Halloween show?

I am! And I am thinking it should be woven entirely of red licorice.

What’s been your favorite Halloween costume of all time?

I was the Cookie Monster. I was blue and furry, and got to eat as many cookies as I wanted. Everything was going great until I realized neighbors dog was named Cookie. One man’s favorite Halloween costume is another man’s half eaten dog.

Have you ever been to one of those super-extravagant haunted houses in New York that have the subway ads?

I have not been to one of those super-extravagant haunted houses; they cost too much fucking money. I think my show will be better and cheaper.

What’s your all time favorite and least favorite Halloween candy.

Favorite: candy corn. Least favorite: raisins.

What’s your favorite place to get candy in New York City?

I like to get Candy at the corner of Nevins St. and Baltic St. in Brooklyn. If it is a Friday, and I have had a lucrative week at work, I might take her to the Holiday Inn Express on Union. She likes it when I do that, cause when I don’t, we have to use the van, and the van is nowhere near as romantic as the Holiday Inn Express.

Download: [audio-1]

Tim Fite plays a special all-Halloween show at Union Hall on October 31, 2009