A Patient High Places Save Their New Song/Video for Halloween


Your new-look High Places: sing-y, bassoon-y, spooky. “I Was Born,” the single, is out today on Thrill Jockey; above is the duo’s self-made video for the song, which is suitably scary and features what is either a nearly unrecognizable Mary Pearson or, alternately, an entirely different person. That’s definitely Rob Barber though, covered in mud. This is a song about being born again, literally. Take that how you will–we do not think religion is what these two have discovered out in the wilds of Los Angeles. “I Was Born” will get the remix treatment soon, as part of a 12″ single that will also feature another new song. In the meantime, Thrill Jockey’s selling this one for a dollar. [Pitchfork Image Factory]