Dominic Carter Case Upgraded to Hilarious


The case of Dominic Carter, recently accused of abusing his wife, is veering into Vito Fossella territory. The Post says today the NY1 political reporter has, according to a “relative,” fathered two children out of wedlock with his “high-school sweetheart” while wed to Marilyn Carter. One of the alleged love-children is said to be named Dominic, as is one of his legitimate children.

Though Mrs. Carter has backed off her original complaint of an October 2008 pummeling by her husband — which, she said in court, she received instead from a “laborer” at her home, whom she could not identify because “you don’t ask a laborer’s name,” which seems in retrospect an unwise policy — her brother yet maintains that Carter has beaten his wife for 20 years, which accusation Mrs. Carter attributes to a “vendetta”…

Carter has nonetheless been put on leave by NY1 (“You have to be a realist in this business,” he says. “I would make the same decision they did”). He has perhaps been unhelpful to his own case in court, citing the importance of his connections and pleading with the judge to go easy on him lest he “end up in the Daily News” — from which, as it happens, come most of our links in this item.

Cheer up, DC — Fossella is comin’ back and so can you.

Editor’s Note: The Appellate Division of the State Supreme Court ruled in 2011 that Carter should not have been tried and reversed the conviction.