Jail Guard Charged In Inmate Assaults


Prosecutors in the Bronx have indicted a correction officer for beating up two inmates and trying to cover up one of the incidents at jail housing teenage detainees.

The case emerged from an broad investigation into problems at the Robert N. Davoren Center that started after the fatal 2008 beating of teen Christopher Robinson there by inmates who had essentially been deputized as enforcers by correction officers.

Correction Officer Timothy Munroe, 24, of the Bronx was charged with two misdemeanor assaults and two felony charges for falsifying records. He was arraigned yesterday, and is being held on a $100,000 bond.

Authorities said in December, 2008, Munroe punched an 18-year-old inmate in the face, and slapped a 17-year-old.The following month, he punched a 20-year-old inmate in the face. He submitted a false report that he was not in the unit at the time of that incident, authorities said.