Kerik “Symptoms” in Jail Show Him “At Risk,” Says Psych Report


We never thought we’d be worried about Bernie Kerik, hero of 9/11 and all-around alpha male. But the reaction of a judge to the findings of prison doctor Robert Mahler, under whose care Kerik fell when he was sent to the Westchester County Jail for pissing off the judge in his fraud trial, give us pause. The report, Judge Stephen Robinson said in court this morning, revealed “symptoms [Kerik] displayed that, when combined with his circumstances… they thought placed him at risk.” Also: “There were things described to me that were either said or done that raised a level of concern…”

It is reported Kerik, attending the hearing, was silent, but “shook his head in frustration several times”…

Robinson asked Kerik to waive his doctor/patient confidentiality so these issues could be addressed, which may have been his way of calling what might be a bluff: if Kerik wants the equivalent of a psych discharge, the details of his emotional distress may be read into the court record — which the butch former top cop might find embarrassing, even humiliating. Of course it’s possible his spectacular fall has actually driven him around the bend. Does he see cockroaches?

The further disposition of his medical case is not yet known. His trial is expected to resume on November 9.