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Pithiest Campaign Mailer of the Season


Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz’s last campaign mailer has for its text only a headline, “Marty Markowitz: As Brooklyn as They Come!,” a terse invocation to vote, and one quote from the Beep: “If I’ve made you proud of being a Brooklynite, if I’ve improved your life even a bit and put a smile on your face… the best is yet to come.” Nonetheless it is a gatefold, showing dozens of pictures of Markowitz posing with constituents, celebrities, and politicians, and striking funny poses. Basically his pitch is that he is quite a character — he even has his own bobblehead! –and our lives would be a little grayer without him. The fun-loving pol, having gotten local businessman Eugene Myrick thrown off the ballot in the primary, faces Republican Marc D’Ottavio in Tuesday’s election.


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