Times Walks Memory Lane with Penny Crone


Nostalgia isn’t what it was. “A World Series without Penny Crone on television from Yankee Stadium?” sighs the New York Times. Yes, they’re actually affecting to miss the tiny Fox reporter, whom they say “made a career of making the hysteria even more deliciously hysterical,” which is one way of putting it. Nowhere in the article is Crone’s hobby, announced on the Howard Stern show, of having sex with cops mentioned, but they do get to her successfully post-Fox career as a seller of homes (which was also covered in the Observer last year), for which she added a Prudential Douglas Elliman Chairman’s Circle Gold Award for 2008 to her two local Emmys. They also recall highlights of her reportage, such as the time she covered cheerleaders outiftted in a “pleated skirt that was on the short side, a long blond wig and pompoms,” and her questioning of Derek Jeter as to the tightness of his pants — both typical, the Times says, of her “singular brand of in-your-face reporting.” Next week in the Times: a look back at the TV career of Robin Byrd. (News hook: Byrd recently donated $5,000 to the campaign of Chuck Schumer.)