Week in Review: Those Guys Could Bring the Funk


In the week Jay-Z made it all about him, we made it all about Jay-Z, from the first deplorable word that he’d be attempting to demoralize the Phillies at Yankee Stadium all the way though his overshare-y and ubiquitous DJ Hero promotional tour, with stops along the way for discussions about the merits of rappers from the City of Brotherly Love and the particular brand of cowardice one must harbor to be afraid of a raindrop or two.

CMJ took a final bow, sailing off into the sunset with Pig Destroyer and Eyehategod; we said farewell with tons of photos and Sam Horine’s CMJ on the Street series which, if you haven’t found your wife and or husband yet in life, might well merit another look. But of course, music just goes on in this city: Florence and the Machine were at Bowery Ballroom, while Bruce, Sam, et al were at MSG’s Rock Hall extravaganza. Plus: Live from Michael Jackson’s This Is It premiere (New York edition, of course).

We talked to Mike Doughty about the nightmare that was his old band Soul Coughing, while Jay Farrar told us about working with Ben Gibbard and Talk Normal gave us the inside story on the making of their new video, “In A Strangeland.” Plus: goofy special Halloween talk with Tim Fite!

Speaking of Halloween: indie-rock stars in their childhood costumes; Ghostface Killah ghost stories; spooky High Places; the Taylor Swift Halloween moment she surely already regrets; a holiday playlist from Fever Ray; and, of course, a well-costumed and discerning party-seeker’s guide to Halloween in New York City.

There’s more, but we’ve got a costume to put on. The rest of our week, below as always. In the meantime, go Phils. SOTC, happily hating on the home team, back on Monday.