Daggett to Giuliani in NJ Gov race: go home.


With a scant few days left before high-profile elections in NY-23 and NYC, both of which are in New York, America’s Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani is spending his time in Jersey, stumping for Republican Chris Christie and feuding with insurgent Independent Chris Daggett. Giuliani told the NY Post on Friday that Daggett was taking a chance of allowing Corzine a win by taking votes away from Christie (although in a weird effort to have things both ways, Giuliani also claimed that Christie was surging so hard that he didn’t really need Daggett to drop out).

Daggett, who must be lighting candles for all the free media his underfunded campaign is getting from this, fired back with “I’d ask him to withdraw from New Jersey. I don’t know why he’s coming into New Jersey and trying to tell us how to run our state.”

A wise person-from-NY attempting to help bigfoot a race in NJ for his Republican candidate would have let that be the last word, but our boy Rudy doesn’t let other people have those.

When he was asked about Daggett’s comments at a Christie rally, Giuliani announced “I feel very welcome here. I understand one of your candidates told me to go home. Nobody should vote for him, there’s no chance of winning,” ensuring another day of headlines and stories for the cash-strapped Daggett on the weekend before the election, and moving anything he had to say about Christie to way, way down in the story.

Christie, who is also feeling a financial pinch, at least compared to freespending incumbent Jon Corzine, is going to have to compete for attention with an Obama visit on behalf of Corzine tomorrow.

There is some possibility that with the surprize Scozzafava announcement in NY23, national conservative attention will move, like the eye of Sauron, to cover NJ. In Jersey, it’s the insurgent who’s a comparative moderate, while the Republican candidate was hand-picked by Karl Rove for the job because he’s a machine conservative. Giuliani has already been joined in his demands by fellow attention-starved local politician who isn’t currently elected to anything Rick Santorum, who cites the refusal of the insurgent to step down in NY-23 as a reason for the insurgent to step down in Jersey.

Corzine got the Jersey Journal endorsement, and TPaw backed out of a campaign visit.