Dominic Carter out at NY1


A NY1 spokesman told the Daily News that local political journalist Dominic Carter, who was taken off the air last week as he went on trial for spousal abuse, is not going to be returning. NY1 Regional Vice President & General Manager Stephen Paulus said “At this point, we have no plans to bring [Carter] back. He’s got a lot of personal issues to work through.”

Reacting to reports that Carter attempted to influence a Rockland County judge to drop the case against him by mentioning his job and his powerful political friends (including Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau), Paulus said “That kind of behavior violates every principle of journalism and is not something we tolerate.” Carter’s contract at NY1 was up next month.

Carter says he wasn’t trying to use his political connections when he asked Justice Arnold Etelson to drop the case by talking about his high media profile and the highly-placed people in the NY political justice system he knows personally (Etelson, who saw it differently, accused Carter of “name-dropping” in court).

Carter, whose wife told the court that she was lying when she accused him of beating her, faces third degree assault charges and a possible year in jail if convicted.

Editor’s Note: The Appellate Division of the State Supreme Court ruled in 2011 that Carter should not have been tried and reversed the conviction.