Next-day stories


Brian Schroeder, 26, turned himself in to police yesterday evening in connection with yesterday’s fire in the 9/11 Memorial Chapel. Police sources tell the Post that Schroeder, a texan-born graduate of Duke and Harvard Law, may have set the fire on a drunken dare.

5-alarm fire destroyed all 14 businesses in a strip mall on 204th and Bainbridge yesterday. One tenant, Bainbridge Bakery and Pastry, was in the last stages of a $300k renovation after a previous fire in April. A number of the mall’s tenants weren’t insured because of the previous fire. Bainbridge Bakery’s insurance was going to be activated on Monday, for the grand reopening.

Jon Corzine is campaigning today with President Obama. Christie chose to go with Steve Lonergan, the small-town mayor he beat for the Republican nomination, who says that “the people who crossed the Atlantic Ocean in ships” weren’t all about welfare, unlike Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi (as well as, presumably, the people who crossed the Pacific in ships, the people who walked across the land bridge, any mole people who tunneled and everybody who took a plane).