Palin says she didn’t interfere in NJ-Gov, tells Daggett to drop out


A little more free media for Chris Daggett, who said this about being a spoiler on MSNBC this morning:

“And I have had Republicans come in from Rudy Giuliani to Sarah Palin to Christy Mihos, who’s running for governor in Massachusetts — people in the New Jersey Republican Party. And to be honest with you, they don’t understand. I’m not running as a disgruntled Republican. I’m running as a person who believes that neither party has been willing or able to step up to the issues that face the state and make the tough decisions.”

Palin begs to differ, naturally on Facebook:

Despite what candidate Chris Daggett is claiming, I have never contacted him or his campaign. I have never asked him to drop out of the NJ Governor’s race. Now, if a politician is going to play loose with facts like this, the electorate needs to know it.

So, to the good people of New Jersey, please know that Daggett’s claims are false. I’ve never even suggested he should drop out of the race. But, come to think of it…

It’s possible that Daggett perceived this facebook post, in which she specifically requests that her followers donate to the Republican Governors Association to pay for ads to help the Christie campaign (which she calls “vital to the cause for America’s freedom and prosperity”) as pressure from the former Governor.

Presumably, that was the big help Michael Steele said that Palin was going to offer the NJ-Gov race when she resigned from office. Ironically, Chris Christie told a local radio station back in July that he didn’t want her help: “This is about New Jersey issues and New Jersey, and I don’t think having Governor Palin here would do me, or frankly the state, a whole lot of good in the sense that we need to talk and focus on what the New Jersey issues are.”

Local political experts told the Asbury Park Press that Palin, and the rest of the national conservative leaders who involved themselves in NY-23, are “niche” figures who wouldn’t appeal to voters in NJ.