Coyote Ugly to Open in Moscow


We were shocked to discover that Coyote Ugly — that nice little drunkards’ warren on First Avenue — was part of a national empire of saloons, mostly in the south (the shot here is of the Coyote Ugly in Austin, where we thought girls danced on the bar without the encouragement of marketing executives). Guess that awful movie really piqued interest out in the hinterlands.

Now we learn that they’re international, with a couple of places in Germany — and get ready for Coyote Ugly Moscow! CU founder founder Liliana “Lil” Lovell announces that the new joint at 6/3 Kuznetsky Most Street debuts this Veterans Day, and she and “a group of her veteran Coyote bartenders from various Coyote Ugly locations” are headed there to train the local talent. We hope they’re bringing bodyguards. Have you seen Eastern Promises? Human life is cheap there, though of course nothing like the old days in the East Village.

Image (cc) Gary J Wood.