Crazy Yankee Chick: ONE. WIN. AWAY.


I started this entry on Sunday night (well, technically early Monday morning), and I was going to wait til I got into the office to write up the game, seeing as it’s 3am etc.

But in my excited victory celebrations that involved a lot of arm bashing and elbow bumping, I developed a giant softball-sized lump on my upper arm, and I figured if it hurt that much THEN, it’s probably going to be impossible to use my right arm in 7 hours.

So here we are. The Yankees beat the Phillies in Game 4, in an emotional rollercoaster of a game that was about 5,239 times more stressful than it needed to be. It gave the Yanks a 3-1 lead in the World Series, and tomorrow is a must-win for the Phils. And a chance at unbridled glory for the Yankees.

Nine hours from now, Game 5 of the World Series will be underway. And 174 games of living and dying by every pitch, may or may not come to a head.

I don’t see me getting through the day at the office very well. Nope, not even a little bit.

When the game got underway, it looked like Yankee fans were finally getting their wish: a nice, stress-free hit parade. The score quickly became 2-0, and I wondered for a half second what the record was for least amount of time before scoring in a World Series game, barring a homerun.

(PS, I’m starting to think I may have chipped a bone in my arm or something.)

Anyways, so not only do we put up 2 runs in the first, but the Philly pitcher beaned A-Rod for what seemed like the 998th time this series (4, actually), and in the miked-up replay you can hear A-Rod telling the first base ump, “Yeah, it’s getting pretty obvious here.”

Warning issued to both benches. Unbelievable. I don’t understand this rule. CC Sabathia hadn’t even taken the field yet and he’s already punished for the classless Philly behavior. The bullet’s taken out of his chamber because he can no longer pitch anything inside for fear of grazing a jersey and getting ejected. I guess that’s what Philly had to resort to to try to best this team.

Philly responded in the bottom of the 1st with an RBI-double from Chase Utley. They tied it in the 4th when Pedro Feliz’s single scored Ryan Howard, but the Yanks had a big 5th inning for the second night in a row, tacking up 2 more runs with RBI hits from Jeter and Johnny Damon.

4-2 game.

Utley and Feliz hit solo shots to tie it, adding to the mounting evidence that they were the only two players that felt like contributing to the World Series. The tying shot came off Joba Chamberlain, and that’s about the time I started going into cardiac arrest.

Tied up at 4 going into the top of the 9th.

And that’s about the time everything stopped making sense.

Hideki and Jeter quickly get out, bringing Damon to the plate. A single to left puts him on first (and now would be a good time to note that Damon roped the ball in almost every at-bat. His 3-for-5 stat doesn’t wholly communicate how well he was knocking the ball around).

And the box score can’t even come CLOSE to communicating the absurdness of his base running.

He steals second. Nothing unusual there. Great play, puts himself in scoring position for Teixeira.

BUT HE DOESN’T STOP AT SECOND. It was the WEIRDEST thing I’ve ever seen in a long time. With Feliz holding onto the ball about 2 feet away from him, Damon just kept going. No one was covering third, and Feliz wasn’t going to be able to tag him out by just chasing him.

A double steal?? BY ONE PERSON? Two stolen bases in one at-bat? What the HELL is going on?

Tex comes up, hit by a pitch. (Well done, Brad Lidge. Well f’n done.) With runners on 1st and 3rd and the game still tied in the 9th, A-Rod comes up with 2 outs.

It just always seems to come down to A-Rod, doesn’t it?

And he just always seems to come through for us.

He doubled to deep left to score Damon, giving the Yanks a 5-4 lead. Posada chipped in with a 2-ribbie single, and the Yankees took a 7-4 lead heading into the bottom of the inning.

The Phils were useless against Mariano Rivera, as he made quick work of Matt Stairs, Jimmy Rollins, and Shane Victorino.


(And one win away from never having to hear “color” commentary from Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. I swear to God, if I had to listen to him remark how often Posada was visiting the mound, I was going to kill myself and others. It’s GAME 4 OF THE WORLD SERIES. I don’t think it’s too unreasonable to take extra precautions. Maybe someone should try that with the Phils bullpen, yeah?)

I can’t believe it’s so close. One more game. Nine more innings.

27 more outs before our 27th championship.

It’s so, so close…

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