Halloween Casualty Report: Shot by Cop in Groin, Run Down by Bus


Waiting in line at New York Costumes, Broadway and 11th, Friday night.

Good morning. Did you have a nice Halloween weekend?
On Mischief Night, a bunch of teenagers in Washington Heights were jumping out of a cardboard box on West 170th street to frighten passers-by. One of the passersby, unfortunately, was an off-duty cop who took issue with the prank, and a melee ensued. Younng Joseph Peralta pinned the cop while another went at him with a garbage can. The cop says he identified himself at that time and, when this proved bootless, shot Peralta in the groin. The 18-year-old is in stable condition at Columbia Presbyterian.

Parents and neighbors remonstrated at the station house, and Peralta’s lawyer disputes the cop’s claim that he identified himself…

22-year-old Luis Rivera, police say, celebrated Saturday night by throwing a heavy piece of wood at a Bx21 bus on Boston Road in The Bronx, the driver of which then ran him down and killed him. At least that’s what amNY reports; the Daily News says Rivera was merely “jaywalking.” The driver has not been charged. Another Bronx bus took a BB to the windshield earlier that day.

In other jurisdictions police stood guard against Halloween mischief. State troopers near Buffalo held “Pumpkin Patrols.” Also, said Captain Michael Nigrelli, the troopers engaged “area volunteer amateur operators who donate time to keep eye on roadway for us if they see anything unusual or suspicious they call us.”