It’s That Performa Time of Year Again


The third edition of the absurd festival of performance art and excess that is RoseLee Goldberg’s Performa 09 is underway in New York. And as always, a bunch of musicians are moonlighting, including DNA’s Arto Lindsay (his “SOMEWHERE I READ” Performa kick-off procession took place up in Duffy Square last night), BARR’s Brendan Fowler (whose five-hour endurance/performance piece at Rental is slated for November 15), and a two-day noise festival curated by Destroy All Monsters and featuring Airway, Joan La Barbara, Tony Conrad, Jad Fair, Lindsay, Genesis Breyer P.Orridge, and John Zorn, among others. Not to mention usual art world suspects Fischerspooner and Charlemagne Palestine, something wild sounding called Music for 16 Futurist Noise Intoners featuring Mike Patton and Pauline Oliveros (!), and who else but Thurston Moore, who for the purposes of Performa is being billed as a “performer-on-paper.” Adjust schedules accordingly.