Look at All The People Who Want to Work for Diddy


“What’s it like working for me?,” says Sean Combs in the trailer for tonight’s season premiere of the mind-boggling I Want To Work For Diddy 2. “It’s a little like working working in Hell.” So what we have here is the group photo of all the aspiring contestants for VH1’s hip-hop ripoff of The Apprentice, dressed in blazers and yellows and freshly pressed outfits, looking uncharacteristically civilized for a group of people about to get emotionally abused on national TV. “I’m gonna take a hands-on, foot-in-the-ass, all-over-your-brain approach to finding this assistant,” Diddy also informs the camera here. “I’m gonna mind-[bleep] them until they orgasm.” Okay, then! [I Want To Work For Diddy 2]