Newark Grocers Push Fruits & Veggies; Jonathan Safran Foer Asks, ‘Why Not Eat Dog?’


Costco will start accepting food stamps nationally after it started to accept them in New York earlier this year. The program should be operational in half the company’s 407 warehouse-style stores by Thanksgiving, according to company officials.
[NY Times]

Small corner grocery stores in Newark are being approached by public health organizations and economic development agencies with offers of new equipment and marketing expertise to encourage them to stock more fresh produce and other healthy foods.
[NY Times]

At the 12th annual Chocolate Show held this past weekend at the Metropolitan Pavilion, a 70-gram chocolate bar costing $12 made the biggest splash, selling out in two hours. The product from Dubai is made using camel’s milk.
[NY Daily News]


Jonathan Safran Foer has a suggestion for meat eaters: Why not eat your dog? Despite the fact that it’s legal in 44 states to do so, eating “man’s best friend” is still a taboo in the U.S. It is not uncommon, however, in other countries, such as India.
[Wall Street Journal]

A new survey says that people under chronic stress are more likely than others to eat fattening foods and feel that their eating is out of control. More than 600 overweight or obese women were questioned about their eating habits and life stressors for the study.
[USA Today]