Bloomberg Tweets Election Day, Sporadically


On the Bloomberg campaign website, the staff announces that — as he did one magical day in August — the Mayor will be personally using Twitter throughout Election Day. “Mike will personally take over our campaign’s twitter account,” the ad says.

So far, we’ve hardly had any tweets from Mike — tweets “from staff” have filled the large gaps — and the ones we’ve gotten haven’t been very much fun…

“Good morning #NYC. On my way to vote!,” he tweeted twelve hours ago. Eleven hours ago, he was standing at a subway station: “Was just at 72nd and b’way subway greeting voters. Wonderful energy and enthusiasm for keeping #NYC moving forward. Please get out and VOTE!”

Maybe Mayor Mike isn’t really having a chatty day. The last time we checked was nine hours ago, when, once again, he thanked everyone who was “tweeting out the vote” today. Since then, radio silence.

Maybe he’s still searching for his inner twitter voice.

[Editor’s note: Since Ms. Dwoskin sent us this, a new Mayoral tweet has come in! “Wow. So many people are tweeting out the vote today. Thank you! Polls close in 2 hours. Please get out and vote.” Wayne Barrett will have analysis later.]