Booze News: Protein-packed Vodka & Terroir Debunked


A new vodka is being launched out of San Francisco. And it’s packed with protein. Devotion Vodka is the “first-ever 80-proof, four-column-distilled vodka with the benefits of [added] protein made in the United States.” Patent pending.

In other vodka news, Absolut and Smirnoff are going head-to-head for market share. For years, Diageo, which owns Smirnoff, dominated the market. Now that Pernod has purchased Absolut, the rival company is giving Diageo a run for its money. [Daily Mail]

But it’s not all good news for the odorless, colorless spirit. In Russia, vodka is a “national calamity.” President Dmitri A. Medvedev has declared that the government must do something to change the country’s status as a world leader in alcohol consumption.
[NY Times]

The country’s biggest brewers are battling it out on the low-cal field. The newest light beers include Miller Genuine Draft 64 and Anheuser-Busch InBev’s Select 55, which cite calorie counts in their names, and each contain less than 3 percent alcohol.
[Buffalo News]

Geologists now say that terroir may be a myth. Apparently, wines may vary in levels of dissolved minerals, but those variations aren’t related to the levels in vineyard soil. And the concentration of minerals in wine is below the threshold of human taste and smell.
[Mail Tribune]