Daggett Concedes!


Whoever won, “it’s not us, and that’s okay.” Whoever wins, “we have to get behind that person with all the energy we had in this campaign,” because “the problems we have in this state are enormous.” This has been “a tough campaign… ” Praises wife. “She was relentless!… they promised to vote for me if she’d just leave them alone!” What a fine Jersey First Lady she would have been. Daughter Justine just graduated from Bucknell, and was forced to serve apparently (“‘I wanna sleep in’ ‘No.’ “I have to find a job.’ ‘You have one.'”). “She, too was just terrific, and something I will never forget… Kids really do grow up… and I wanna thank my running mate Frank Esposito… brought honor and dignity to this campaign…”

Jesus, who needs this? Bye, loser, and take Corzine with you. (And it looks as if he has.)