Election 2009: Down-Ticket, What Has Become of Our Beautiful Losers?


In city races the favorites are getting treated as such, with very few deviations. Some of the city council races are downright ridiculous. Bronx incumbent Joel Rivera has defeated his Conservative Party challenger Steven Stern 97 to 3 percent. What an election night party Stern must be having.

But there are some less expected results, and one involves one of the “Losers to Watch” we mentioned early today: Queens council candidate Daniel Halloran (pictured), the pagan/heathen Republican looking to succeed Tony Avella. He seems to have bested Democrat Kevin Kim, 53 to 47 percent. By Odin’s beard, his magic must be strong!

Our other Losers are performing as expected. Reverend Billy hasn’t managed to take even one percent of mayoral votes, and is outpolled by Conservative Stephen Christopher. (Still, he’s besting Socialist Worker Dan Fein, who convinced less than 1,500 citizens to follow him unto revolution)…

In the battle of the Rent is Too Damn High candidates, Comptroller contender Salim Ejaz has broken 11,000 votes, while mayoral contender Jimmy McMillan has about 2,500. Public Advocate candidates Alex Zablocki (R) and Jim Lesczynski (Lib) and council candidate Mark Winston Griffith (WFP) have gone down to spectacular defeat.

We congratulate Republican Bob Capano, who actually made it semi-interesting in his quest to unseat Bensonhurst Democrat Vincent Gentile with 41 percent of the vote, and Debi Rose, who with the votes not entirely counted nonetheless seems destined, despite a late hit by anti-ACORN goons and a not-really challenge by Ken Mitchell, to become Staten Island’s first black elected official ever.