With Isiah Thomas finally gone, the Knicks front office is playing up the virtues of stability and rebuilding. Mike D’Antoni has his job cut out for him, and as we go to press, the Knicks were 5-2 in preseason. Fortunately, he can start with building their game around the “Dynamic Duo,” Chris Duhon (566 assists last season, the most of any Knick since Stephon Marbury in 2004–05) and David Lee (who put up a career-best 16.0 points per game in his first season playing with Duhon). Still, the Knicks can hardly hope for a win against the Cavaliers, who almost made it to the finals last year, but the main attraction, of course, is LeBron James—five-time All-Star, 2008–2009 MVP, and ace Saturday Night Live host. LeBron wants to snag the championship for his hometown this year and finally get past the rap of being the league’s best player with no championship ring, so he can be expected to dazzle every outing.

Fri., Nov. 6, 6 p.m., 2009