More Tainted Meat; Illy Serves Starbucks


A new study reveals that half of American kids will live in households receiving food stamps before age 20. One in five will live on food stamps for years, while a number of kids will live in families who have to turn to food stamps during a short-term crisis.
[USA Today]

Spoiled meat alert: Two people have already died from eating ground beef tainted with E. coli, and more than another two dozen are sick. The beef in question came from a company in western New York State, Fairbank Farms, which issued a voluntary recall.
[NY Times]

Italian coffee maker IllyCaffe SpA is aiming to move in on Starbucks’ territory by teaming up with independent coffee shops across the U.S. for exclusive contracts to sell Illy coffee. As a bonus, Illy gets free advertising on storefronts around the country.
[Wall Street Journal]

Two studies returned contradicting results about how posting calorie information affects consumer purchases. How? The first assessed the effect of calorie labeling only in low-income, minority neighborhoods, while the other looked at the effect citywide.
[NY Times]