New Foodie Buzzword Alert: Bistronomic


Over tapas at the newly opened Mercat Negre in Williamsburg last week, a group of diners could not help but notice the waiter’s use of the term “bistronomic.” Had he said it just once, they might have ignored it as they sipped their crisp, refreshing albarino and munched deliciously deep-fried croquettes. But, after several pronouncements of the word to describe the food and vision for the restaurant, the diners became intrigued. What does it mean? Did the waiter — a slender, dapper fellow with the flair of a trendsetter — himself coin it?

Of course, the term has been floating around since a Times piece about Barcelona described a new breed of eateries that practice bistronomia: offering “high-quality, contemporary cuisine” at reasonable prices. And Mercat Negre’s chef, Oriol Sala Colomer, does hail from Barcelona, so he probably imported the term and instructed his staff to use it. But, who could have predicted that it would insert itself into quotidian life so immediately? And stealthily. Will we soon see it as the tagline on new restaurant signs (Chez Chad: A bistronomic restaurant)? Perish the thought. We’ve already seamlessly adopted foodiot, vendrification, and gastropub. Now, let’s try to go a minute without a new “it” word being added to our vernacular.

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