The First Ever La Daily Musto Vid-Cam Report!


In my constant quest to take you to new places in different ways, I returned to Club 57, the Saturday night gay bash at Providence on West 57th Street, and this time brought an entourage of techies along!

Camera man Thomas McCall and audio guy Brian Cummings dutifully documented my interviews with the customers and staffers, helping me record their open admissions about their sexual and career longings.

And Chip Carroll provided the spot-on editing job, whipping our late-night mayhem into what will surely become a Documentary Short Subject nominee for something or other, if I can bribe the right people.

The segment gets way dirty–your eyes and ears will be burning as if I’d sprayed Lysol all over your face–but don’t take my jokes about the place being a hellhole seriously. It’s just shtick–no, really.

And after you enjoy our tres gay vid-cam report, do tell me where I should take my entourage next. And don’t say to the bowels of hell!