Today’s The Day: Will Gays in Maine Lose Equal Rights?


Today, the lovely state of Maine–where I’ve hung out with many a lesbian and gay man in various woodsy areas–puts gay marriage to a vote.

The people will decide, as they did in California, if the gay right to marry should be squashed like the vows generally are in most straight marriages after a year or two.

Last we heard, the hate-mongers had way more money with which to pollute the airwaves and sway sensible people to vote for discrimination, so they have a Bloomberg-like advantage.

“We could lose,” mass-emailed someone on the front lines of the gay cause there, fully aware of the power of public relations, especially when it’s done with gloves off and knives out.

If so, this would be another horrific setback that would make us wonder “What next?”

Will Maine voters bring back slavery if given half a chance? Or will they be content with just making gay into second class citizens?