Tonight! Shred For Your Life, Say Anything, And Powerman 5000


I’m afraid if I attempt to summarize what’s happening at Santos’ Party House tonight I’ll screw it up somehow, so, let’s just take them at their (very excitable) word: SHRED FOR YOUR LIFE GUITAR BATTLE: JUDGES DAVID CROSS AND JALEEL BUNTON (TVOTR), FEATURING BRAD TRAUX (JAH DIVISION), JOHN STANIER (BATTLES/HELMET) AND SPENCER SWEENEY. This doesn’t seem like the sort of thing Andrew W.K. is going to be able to avoid.

Say Anything’s …Is a Real Boy is one of my favorite records of the past decade: narcissistic mall-punk as biblical apocalypse. It’s astonishing. Everything they’ve done since is pretty janky by comparison; your friend and mine Christopher R. Weingarten has more on that. Then again, we interviewed them this week and they sound more well-adjusted. They’re at Irving Plaza. We’ll see.

Powerman 5000 is still a going concern.