Turnout High in Maine Gay Marriage Referendum


Turnout is reported heavy in Maine, where voters are faced with a referendum on the marriage equality law passed last spring. (“No” on Question 1 means yes to keeping gay marriage.) State officials say voting is exceeding expectations, and over 100,000 absentee ballots have been filed.

This is seen as encouraging news by many gay marriage supporters. Less sanguine are opponents, who are lashing out at “Maine homosexual activists” who “promote counterfeit (same-sex) ‘marriage’,” etc. “If cold weather and occasional showers keep seniors away from the polls throughout the day,” glumly surmises Thomas Peters of National Review, “marriage in Maine could be in trouble.” And the governor is supporting a “No” vote.

Don’t open the champagne yet, though.

Late polls have been very tight on the issue. “Last we heard,” says our own Michael Musto, “the hate-mongers had way more money with which to pollute the airwaves and sway sensible people to vote for discrimination, so they have a Bloomberg-like advantage.” Gay Species frets that the polls shouldn’t be this close because “the No on Question 1 team, unlike EQCA [which failed to defeat the California gay marriage ban], is very professional and well-heeled. Moreover, its principals did not vacation in Europe this past week.”

Well, that’s something else to watch closely tonight instead of the mayor’s race.