Video Premiere: White Hills, “Dead”



The psych/garbage/space rock trio White Hills fall into that Brooklyn corner where the songs are long and aliases abide–like their close affiliates Oneida, White Hills’ Dave W. and Ego Sensation underpin oozy post-psych moans with busy, virtuosic rhythmic scaffolding. “Dead” was recorded at Oneida’s Ocropolis studio; that band’s drummer, Kid Millions, plays on the track. Currently out in limited edition, vinyl-only EP form, “Dead” is destined for the band’s self-titled fifth (or so) full-length and Thrill Jockey debut (LP-wise anyway; the “Dead” EP is TJ’s as well), scheduled for early next year. The video features both a tiger/zebra/corpse-painted Lady Macbeth-type OCD handwasher and a maniacal looking monkey in a crispy red suit–suitable for the creepy, self-doubting churn of the track itself. Julian Cope, the band’s original benefactor (he released a version of White Hills’ 2005 debut on his Fuck Off & Di label), would surely approve.