Cat Gets Swine Flu


OK, now it’s getting serious: a cat has been diagnosed with swine flu. The unnamed feline lives with humans who caught the virus and apparently passed it on to her*; she tested positive for the disease. Both the animal and her human companions are reported recovered.

This is in direct contradiction to what the Firstline veterinarian site told us last month — but now that we review it, we see the weasel-words: “Appears to be transmitted from person to person…” “So far there are no reports…” etc. Also, they do say a ferret caught it once, but “so far there are no reports of the virus being transmitted from a ferret to a person.” So far. Right.

(* Cat is referred to as female not in affirmation of its gender, which is not reported, but in observance of tradition.) Lolcat from ICHC.