Guys Cuddle in Cab, Driver Ejects Them, Post Readers Sound Off


We have always believed that you aren’t a real New Yorker until you’ve been thrown out a cab for getting cozy in the backseat, but Paul Bruno and his partner did not see the honor when cabbie Medhat Mohamed — “appalled by their shows of affection,” say the Postejected them Monday night. Bruno was despite everything able to get the driver’s info via one of those cards the Taxi and Limousine Commission thoughtfully affixes to the dividers of cabs, and lodged a complaint…

A TLC spokesman nonetheless speaks of the case in the subjunctive mode: the commission “would take such an allegation very seriously and fully investigate.” We hope Bruno goes all Danny Glover on them.

It surprised us to see this in the Post, whose readership is generally more comfortable with stories about tits and Yankees, until we remembered that they have a comments feature, for which the story serves as bait. “Mohamed <– You’re the man!” says one respondent. “Ride the gay taxi next time if you’re not happy. A bunch of AIDs breeders.” “HA HA, MAINE VOTED DOWN GAY MARIAGE,” says another. “NOWHERE IN AMERICA WILL IT PASS BY VOTERS. MASSACHUSETTS MUST HAVE A VOTE BY THE PEOPLE NOT LESSBO JUDGES!!” Well, he at least knew there was an election, if not how to disengage the shift key. Image via Tomas Fano (cc).