Headline of the Day


Thanks, Brooklyn Paper! Implied Bay Ridge homoeroticism aside, councilman Vincent Gentile’s 60-40 win over Republican Bob Capano was closer than most council races. Capano had run against Gentile before, so he was no stranger to voters, and portrayed himself to them as someone who had taught school and “managed a Grand Union supermarket,” and therefore “knows what it’s like to earn a living in the real world” (emphasis his). The BP reports he was gracious in defeat (“If I helped in some small way by giving [Gentile] a perspective through a competitive race than I did my job… I congratulated him, and said I look forward to working with him as a community member.”) Gentile, for his part, congratulated himself: “Unlike my opponent’s campaign, we got it done without one negative word.”

Update: Actually this is a pretty good one-liner, too.