New York

Is The Bloom Off The Bloomberg?


So Michael Bloomberg bought himself a third mayoral term by spending the gross national product of New Guinea. I know this because I read about it on last night.

And how do we feel about this unsurprising development?

Well, the guy may be obscenely rich and extremely willing to use the cash to promote himself, but he’s also whip smart, if distinctly unglamorous and as sexually, um, ambiguous as Ed Koch was.

And under him, New York has become a garbage-strewn wasteland where “For Sale” is the most popular chain store around (though that’s a reflection of the entire world economy more than it is of his).

More specifically related to Bloomberg, our city is a place where clubowners tremble in such fear of crackdowns that they routinely card me for Chrissake.

I wanted a change. And judging by the smaller-than-expected margin he won by, so did swarms of other New Yorkers.

But Bloomberg had the change. A lot of it. In fact, the main reason I’m so pissed is that on Election Day, I got three phone messages and they were all from the Bloomberg campaign!

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