Michael Jackson’s This Is It Sells 373,000 Copies, Is #1


So if you’re following along: Michael Jackson’s Number Ones is already on pace to have a shot at becoming 2009’s bestselling record; This Is It, the film, has done $103 million in ticket sales and counting; and now the documentary’s companion record has debuted with 373,000 copies sold, “the fifth-best sales week for an album in the U.S. this year,” according to Billboard, and Mike’s sixth overall #1. This is big, fanatically huge business–in total, Jackson is going to end up outselling the next closest artist by something like 2:1 in 2009. This despite Thiller already being the best-selling album of all time, which is to say a lot of these people almost surely had a spare on the shelf when they went back to the store this week. Joe Jackson is basically a complete fucking monster but today, he’s right. [Billboard]