Pastry Chefs Hear the Siren Song of Just Desserts


Just Desserts, Top Chef‘s sweet spin-off, will be holding a casting call this Sunday at Craftsteak. According to the Observer, pastry chefs throughout the city have mixed reactions to the idea of plying their wares on national TV. While pastry chefs from Gilt, L’Atelier du Robuchon, and Kefi/Anthos may try out, others, such as Pichet Ong and Gotham Bar & Grill’s Deborach Racicot, don’t want anything to do with reality TV. Still, pastry chefs, whom Racicot called “the red-headed step-children of the restaurant industry,” could by their own admission use a little bit of the spotlight: as the article points out, they on average earn less than half of what their savory counterparts make, and their creations are all too often treated as an afterthought by satiated diners. That said, one could argue that the potential benefits of exposure are outweighed by the proven benefits of keeping one’s dignity, which in and of itself is pretty sweet revenge.