Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin as Oscar Hosts!


Remember the comedy team of Martin and Lewis? Hello? Well, brace yourselves for Martin and Baldwin!

Yep, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin will cohost the Oscars next year, and they should do pretty well, especially if no one tells them that Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. unceremoniously turned the gig down.

Clearly, the producers were going after duos because (a) This way, they get to straddle different demographics; (b) If one of the two ends up sucking, maybe the other one won’t; and (c) The job comes with such demands that having two hosts spreads out the pressure.

And so, we’ll have an illustrious tag team of vets–Martin, who twice hosted the telecast with a shitload of sophisticated wit, and Baldwin, who’s shockingly emerged as one of our top comic actors. If they serve up some zany jokes about, say, Anne Heche and Kim Basinger, I’m there.

Just don’t tell them Hugh Jackman turned it down too.