Strange Snacks of the World: Dogmatic Sausages


Making a sexual pun about Dogmatic’s extremely strange snacks would be like shooting (extra large) sperm in a barrel. Suffice to say, a toaster rod is inserted into a thin baguette, toasting it from the inside, and then the sausage of your choice (spicy lamb is pictured here) is inserted into the warmed cavity. It is then drenched in a sauce (mint-yogurt, above). Hey, we only report the facts.

Oddly enough, the website touts the sausages’ “unique vertically designed shape,” as though they had never noticed that most sausages are long and thin. But look at how happy the dogmatic has made this lady, below, whose picture hangs on Dogmatic’s wall. Too bad the sausages are actually a bit too dry to provoke such a reaction.

26 East 17th Street

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