Tea Party Over? Hoffman Concedes in NY-23, Democrat Owens Takes Seat Held by GOP Since ’93 (Update: Rightbloggers React!)


Last week conservatives were telling us that the revolution was beginning in New York’s 23rd Congressional District, where Conservative Party insurgent Doug Hoffman had knocked not-rightwing-enough Republican Dede Scozzafava off the ballot and was going to purify the GOP with a big victory.

This morning Hoffman conceded the race to Democrat Bill Owens, his remaining challenger.

The seat had been held by moderate Republicans since 1993, and Scozzafava held a 10-point lead on Owens a month ago. But, instigated by bloggers who called for her head on grounds of ideological impurity, national conservative Republicans, including Sarah Palin, rushed to endorse Hoffman.

Last weekend Scozzafava quit the race, and threw her support to Owens.

Update: Just for funsies, let’s see how rightbloggers are reacting.

Big Government tersely reproduces the AP story. Comments are more than usually invaded by unsympathetic gloaters (“OMG…NAILED IT!!! ACORN Derangement Syndrome is more predictable than freakin’ daylight”).

RedState’s Erick Erickson, who had been beating the drum for Hoffman with more insane vigor than anyone (he called Scozzafava’s ouster “a stunning rebuke to the Republican Establishment in Washington” and decreed “The GOP Establishment Must Be Purged“) now declares, “This is a huge win for conservatives” because “conservatives rallied and destroyed the Republican candidate the establishment chose.” Erickson had previously insisted that “Doug Hoffman is expanding the base of voters willing to vote for a conservative, not shrinking the base as the press alleges” and called the Hoffman campaign “our hill to die on.”

(On Election Day Erickson told the world that a Hoffman supporter “had his tires slashed,” when the citizen in question had merely run over a broken bottle. The Hoffman campaign later endorsed his conspiracy theory.)

Robert Stacy McCain, who had previously said, “NY23: A Nation Awaits the Historic Result,” said after the concession, “Now all the pundits… will tell us what it means. Nice work if you can get it.” Indeed!

Don Surber, who said when Scozzafava quit, “I hope she enjoys her new party. Hey, maybe she can take some of her RINO supporters with her,” is yet to be heard from, but we’re sure he’ll come up with something amusing.

“Skree,” says Michelle Malkin. “Skrrreeeeee.”

Well, we’re putting this to bed. Expect rightbloggers like Weasel Zippers, who said a few days ago that “This NY-23 race scares the piss out of the Left because they know the truth is being told by Palin, Beck, Bachmann,” to provide us more entertainment over the next day or two — as well as a nice rightbloggers post on Monday.