Tonight! Evanescence, Sean Kingston, and Buraka Som Sistema



It seems ludicrous that Evanescence has not yet appeared on a Twilight soundtrack, but there’s two sequels to go, and Amy Lee’s grandiosely maudlin goth-pop monolith seems to be revving up again after several lifetimes’ worth of intra-band calamity. They’re at the Grand Ballroom tonight. They will most probably play That Song.

Somebody call 911: I would not have predicted that lovable reggae-lite lug Sean Kingston would enjoy another hit on the order of “Beautiful Girls,” but ah, “Fire Burning” is close enough. He’s at the Blender Theater at Gramercy. Yes, he outlived Blender.

Portuguese dance-music hedonists Buraka Som Sistema are at (le) poisson rouge; earlier that evening the club’s got indie-pop hedonists Hidden Cameras.

Just FYI: My iTunes hit counter, which is not in the habit of lying, informs me that I’ve listened to Say Anything’s “Eloise” 20 times in the past, like, 8 hours. They’re at the Highline Ballroom tonight. If they don’t play it I’m gonna be super pissed.