Trend Alert: Fancying Up Fast & Junk Food


When Erik Trinidad started Fancy Fast Food, it was deemed clever. His deconstruction and reconstruction of Happy Meals and Value Menu items offered at once a glimpse into what goes into the mechanically assembled meals of fast-food chains and an astute commentary on our eating habits and the current movement to take back the kitchen.

Emilie Baltz’s Office Snack Gourmet project, a collection of recipes “designed to turn even the most disgusting of office snacks into delicious gourmet meals” is also clever. To wit: her Truffled Berry Praline Purses, which incorporate Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, a Fruit Roll-Up, and potato chips. But when Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark came up with the McNuggetini, it was not clever. It was just disgusting. Let’s hope fancified fast food doesn’t blow up the way gross-out food did. (Couldn’t you just see it? ThisIsWhyYou’ Perish the thought.)

[via Eat Me Daily]