We Pay More for Trains Even If We Take Cabs, But At Least They’re Not on Fire


You think your commute is bad: In Philly SEPTA is on strike, which has screwed up transit especially much for the poorer folks who live furthest from their workplaces. Such trains as there are, are overcrowded, and this morning one of them caught fire; passengers panicked and kicked out the windows but, miraculously, no one seems to have been hurt. SEPTA workers seek a four percent annual raise.

We tell you this to take some sting out of the extra money you’re paying — as of this week — for upkeep of city transit if you take cabs, thanks to the the 50 cent taxi surcharge Albany’s using to shore up the MTA, or rent cars, or drive cars, or employ people…

The various fees and charges are outlined by WNYC, who find that, when you take all the money that’s been shaken out of us this year into consideration, commuters who drive cars have a far easier burden than subway riders. Also with room to bitch are Catholic schoolmasters: One vagary of the bill is that it reimburses public schools for fees taken, but not private ones.

Still, our trains aren’t on fire. Yet.