BPA Found in Cans; Sushi Chain Sells to Potheads


Kraft says it’s still interested in purchasing British confectioner Cadbury, but stresses that it would “maintain a disciplined approach.” The conglomerate has been beating sales estimates, but acquiring Cadbury would help it grow even more.
[NY Times]

Bad news for those who replaced plastic containers with aluminum: recent tests of canned foods found measurable levels of Bisphenol A (BPA), which has been linked to reproductive abnormalities, heightened risk of certain cancers, diabetes, and heart disease.
[Huffington Post]

Hapa Sushi, a small sushi chain based in Boulder, Col., has aimed its ads at medical marijuana patients. The ad features a map of Denver and Boulder with dots representing medical marijuana dispensaries and the Hapa locations among them.
[NY Times]

A made-from-scratch New York Thanksgiving can be like playing Tetris. Making as much ahead as possible, skipping the whole turkey, and investing in a thermometer can help make the whole process a little less tricky.
[NY Times]

A new study reveals that it’s not just eating fast food that makes people fat. Apparently, people who eat fast are more likely to overeat as it stops the release of a hormone that tells the brain when the stomach is full.
[Daily Mail]