Elizabeth Hurley Wants to Sell You Jerky


Because it’s a straight and narrow path from Estee Lauder to animal husbandry, former Hugh Grant consort, bikini model, and cosmetics shill Elizabeth Hurley is now selling beef jerky. Like Hurley herself, this jerky comes saturated with plenty of marketing savvy: it’s certified organic and made from Hurley’s own breed of “rare Gloucester cattle,” raised on her very own certified-organic farm, according to the Elizabeth Hurley Food website.

Hurley’s peddling the stuff as all-natural health food — only 74 calories a bag! — perfect for any Atkins stragglers. She’s also making her own fruit and oat bars. Her website promises, somewhat ominously, that “Elizabeth’s own oats will be among those used in these bars.”

[Via Eat Me Daily]