Gay-Ejecting Cabbie Speaks; Commenters Split, Denouncing Gays, Islam


The Post got ahold of that cabbie who threw two men who were cuddling out of his cab, and he turns out to be talkative. “I wanted to pay attention to getting them to their destination instead of worrying if they were going to have sex or not,” he tells them, and portrays himself as communicative of his needs during the incident (“OK, guys, come on, I’m driving”). Paul Bruno, whose PDA started the controversy, denies this…

His medallion-holder adds that driver Medhat Mohamed is, like himself, an observant Muslim and “in our religion, we can’t handle that stuff… a man has to be a man,” which rather mars Mohamed’s non-sexual-orientation-specific case. Queerty is unimpressed: “Cabbie Tossed 2 Guys From Taxi Because, Inevitably, They Would’ve Had Sex.”

Even the cops and cop fans of Thee Rant get into it, dividing their rage among the Muslim driver (“I still like the idea of carrying pig’s blood and threatening to use it for non compliance”), the affectionate males (“Get a room gaylord”), and President Obama (“Since Obamao likes to weigh in on local issues like this, will he ‘side with the Muslims’ as he promised in his book”). One suggests it would be OK if ” it’s two girls.”

Major thinker Diana West (Death of the Grown-Up) comes down on the Muslim-hating side (“NYC sharia alert”).

TLC talks about possible penalties for the driver. We suggest it be settled extra-judicially, with Mohamed ordered to give Bruno and his companion free rides to and from the next Black Party.