I Played Sarah Palin on Olbermann’s Show!


How far will I go to get attention? Think of the farthest thing you can think of–say, Magic Johnson‘s penis–and quadruple it a few times.

To wit: Last night, I went on Countdown With Keith Olbermann, with guest host Lawrence O’Donnell, to recreate bits of speeches Sarah Palin was going to recite, except they wouldn’t let her.

One was a victory speech she didn’t get to utter for obvious reasons and the other was a concession speech McCain smartly blocked, and not surprisingly, they’re both idiotic!

When the show asked me to don full Palin drag for this high-larious skit, I unhesitatingly said, “No problem! Been there!” As you’ll remember, I already dressed like the winky maverick for the cover of last year’s year-end issue!

God, I’m running out of desperation tactics.