Matt and Kim Play Universal Studios, Frolic in the Original Back to the Future Delorean


It’s been impossible to keep up with the recent adventures of Matt & Kim: guesting on Jimmy Kimmel, winning the Breakthrough Video VMA for their cold-weather streaking parade “Lessons Learned,” greasing the stage for spider-suited Weezer on Halloween (with Kim costumed as Edie Sedgwick), exchanging Twitter compliments with Rivers Cuomo, contemplating airport house parties and on and on. Two nights ago, the effervescent punk-bunnies played Universal Studios, stumbled upon the original Delorean from Back to the Future, and our West Coast colleague Erin Broadley was there. Which leads us to suggest that instead of, say, Turner and Hooch, Matt & Kim should next year dress up like Marty McFly and his beloved Lorraine? [LA Weekly]