The Ghost of Studio B Deep Sixes DUMBO Dance Club


The One Front restaurant in DUMBO will remain sans dance club, reports the Brooklyn Paper, after a community board voted to deny owner Marcelo Pevida a cabaret license last night. The reasoning?

    “I have lived in the neighborhood for 25 years and I have never objected to any new restaurant or establishment,” said resident Gary Van der Putten. “But what happens is that these kinds of places get cabaret licenses then, all of a sudden, they deteriorate into clubs.”

Others cited the nearby nightclub Reign and the notorious neighborhood Studio B club in Williamsburg as evidence.

And thus, the putrid ghost of Studio B reaches out from the grave to fuck up Brooklyn nightlife once more. When open, the venue was a cautionary tale about the perils of overzealous bouncers and undergenerous alcohol pricing; now four months past its final expiration date, the club has apparently taken its place in the pantheon of things to be wielded against aspiring venue operators. “My restaurant is a benefit for our community,” Pevida told the paper. “When I bought the build it had been abandoned for three years. I want a cabaret license to improve my establishment for our community.” Without a cabaret license, of course, no more than two people can dance in his restaurant at any given time. We suggest they do so naked and screaming, in full view of the neighbors.

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