Tonight! Fucked Up, Islands, And, Uh, Cerebral Ballzy


Most definitely tonight’s big whoop is Fucked Up, a/k/a that “brisk punk band from Toronto, with an unpublishable name,” who will regale Brooklyn Masonic Temple, a/k/a New York’s best venue for massive hearing loss, with a painstaking track-by-track recreation of their 2008 album The Chemistry of Modern Life, a/k/a this is gonna be awesome. Andrew W.K. and the Vivian Girls are said to be involved. So.

In the spirit of Fucked Up let us note that an allegedly ascendant Brooklyn hardcore band named Cerebral Ballzy is also on the prowl tonight, at Public Assembly. My god that is a terrible, terrible name. You boys will never get press that way. Find something more dignified. Like “Fucked Up.”

Islands, a more demurely named and markedly less hardcore outfit of the wry-dream-pop variety, are at Bowery Ballroom. Dress appropriately. (And arrive early for Jemina Pearl, who will still kick your ass.)

Finally, the New York Comedy Festival has begun in earnest, if this interests you: Ricky Gervais, Dane Cook, and Mike Birbiglia are all prancing about this evening. Separately.