Manhattan Man Got $365K for Bogus Health Site, Is Arrested


Upper West Sider Mark Andrew Moore told members of an investment club that he was chairman, president, and CEO of eS-prit International, an online health resource that was going to make scads of money, and offered them discount rates on its stocks. More than 50 members cheerfully gave Moore $365,000 to purchase these. Only, the Manhattan D.A.’s office says, there was no eS-prit International, and no publicly traded stocks — just Moore, a former facilities manager at Hunter College, a dummy web site, and some bogus certificates he printed up and sent them — also, some people who were surprised to be notified that they were on Moore’s “Board of Directors.” He used their money to buy meals, phones, a Louis Vuitton bag, etc — and to partly pay off restitution he owed Hunter for $38,000 he’d ripped off from them years earlier. Moore has been arrested and charged with grand larceny, securities fraud, scheme to defraud, and tax fraud (he didn’t pay taxes on the “investments,” either).